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Executive Director :  Lomardo C. Aseret
P.O. Box 9000
Window Rock, AZ 86515

Telephone Number :  928-871-6311

2nd Telephone Number :  928-871-6514

Fax Number:  928-871-6778

Email: [email protected]



The Division of General Services - Administration administers 10 major service departments including its Administration office, to ensure that their respective and diverse services are executed in the best interest of the Navajo Nation

The mission of Division of General Services (DGS) is to provide optimal support services to the Navajo government. This is accomplished by continuing and maintaining Telecommunication & Utilities, Information Technology (Computer), Employee Housing, Facilities Maintenance, Insurance Services, Records Management, and Transportation (Air, Bus and Fleet) Systems. Our ultimate responsibility is to our Navajo government employees, our people, and our Nation by providing a safe and healthy work environment.

Delegated Director :  Adriel R. Heisey

Telephone Number :  928-871-6466

Fax Number : 928-871-6484

Air Transportation Services Department


The Air Transportation Services Department provides aviation transportation services to the Navajo Nation Government by providing SAFE, fast and reliable customized air services. We also continue to maintain our current fleet of aircraft.




Delegated Director :  Alex Largie

Telephone Number :  928-871-6520

Fax Number : 928-871-7737

Department of Information Technology


The Department of Information Technology's primary purpose is to pursue the establishment of a stable reliable and readily accessible technology infrastructure to sufficiently meet the Nation Nation government needs in the present and future years.





Program Supervisor I :  Lindsey Mescal

Telephone Number :  928-871-7684

Fax Number : 928-871-6697

Employee Housing Program


The Employee Housing Program provides adequate, safe, and maintained comfortable living conditions for Tribal employees with minimal complaints. Ensures compliance with regulations and instructions issued by the Lessor for protection of Navajo Nation property and for the health, safety and welfare of the tenants and neighborhoods.





Department Manager III :  Marcus C. Tulley

Telephone Number :  928-729-4258

Fax Number : 928-729-4267

Facilities Maintenance Department


The Facilities Maintenance Department provides quality repairs and maintenance services to all tribally owned buildings and facilities reservation-wide. The Department is a very important and viable program for the Navajo Nation and is given the significant responsibility of ensuring that the Navajo Nation employees are provided a safe and healthy work environment.




  • Agency Branch Offices




Chinle Phone:  928-674-2055 Fax Number:  928-729-4267
Crownpoint Phone:  505-786-2148 Fax Number:  928-729-4267
Shiprock Phone:  505-368-1076 Fax Number:  928-729-4267
Tuba City Phone:  928-283-3020 Fax Number:  928-729-4267




Delegated Department Manager III :  Herman C. Begaye

Telephone Number :  928-871-6425

Fax Number : 928-871-7038

Fleet Management Department


The Fleet Management Department through services and support provides safe, reliable, cost effective motor vehicle transportation services to the Navajo Nation Government's Departments and Chapters through six (6) maintenance service centers with a self-sustaining budget. Dedicated to provide quality and courteous customer service to all employees.



  • Agency Branch Shops



Chinle Phone:  928-674-2204 Fax Number:  928-674-2208
Crownpoint Phone:  505-786-2270 Fax Number:  505-786-2275
Shiprock Phone:  505-368-1195 Fax Number:  505-368-1199
Tuba City Phone:  928-283-3368 Fax Number:  928-283-3374
Window Rock Phone:  928-871-6428 Fax Number:  928-871-6434
Window Rock Body Shop Phone:  928-871-7801 Fax Number:  928-871-7133




Dept. Manager II :  Immanuel Harlan Charley

Telephone Number :  928-871-6461

Fax Number : 928-871-6083

Insurance Services Department


The Insurance Services Department is created to implement insurance programs to assure that the Navajo Nation employees, property and enterprises are protected from catastrophic loss. The Safety Loss Control Program is implemented to further reduce cost, through safety awareness and continued education for a safe environment. Insurance programs are set up to provide work related and non-work related benefits to employees and their dependents. The ultimate mission is to determine the best economic coverage for the Nation and its employees, entities and property.


Employee Assistance Program EAP Counselor:  Ronda Roan
Phone Number:  928-871-6530   Fax Number:  928-871-6083
Employee Benefits Program Program Supervisor I :  Eulanda Ciccarello
Phone Number:  928-871-6300   Fax Number:  928-871-6408  
Risk Management Program Program Supervisor 2:  Shawnevan Dale
Phone Number:  928-871-6335   Fax Number:  928-871-6087
Safety/Loss Control Program Acting Prog. Supervisor 2:  Shawnevan Dale
Phone Number:  928-871-6085   Fax Number:  928-871-6087
Workers' Compensation Program Acting Prog. Supervisor I:  Harland Charley
Phone Number:  928-871-6389   Fax Number:  928-871-6083  
Program Manager I :  Pearl A. Lee

Telephone Number :  928-871-7740

Fax Number : 928-871-7741

Navajo Nation Telecommunications & Utilities


The Communications and Utilities Department's primary goal is taking our Nation into the next century by administering, managing, and planning for the most effective and economically feasible telecommunications system; and ensuring by coordinating the Nation's telecommunications system so that its is properly maintained and serviced towards the provision of an uninterruptible telecommunications service.





Delegated Transit Manager :  Marcus C. Tulley

Telephone Number :  928-729-4002

Toll Free :  (866)-243-6260

Fax Number : 928-729-4116

Navajo Transit System


The Navajo Transit System's services and priorities are providing safe and reliable charter and public transportation for the Navajo Nation. This is achieved through improving the quality of life for all citizens for the Navajo Nation by increasing the accessibility to services and resources of the public and private sectors, particularly in meeting the needs of health care, education, employment, recreation, entertainment and shopping.





Delegated Program Supervisor : Sherry Begay

Telephone Number :  505-371-5113

Fax Number : 505-371-5109


Records Management Department


The Records Management / Duplicating Services Department's objective is to maintain and provide custodial care of vital official government records and duplicating services to the Navajo Nation Divisions, Departments, and Programs.



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